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We're building the most powerful AI assistant network in the world.

We want to integrate AI seamlessly into our daily lives, enabling each tool we use to have full-capability to understand who we are behind the screen. A single assistant we can interact with anywhere: on our phone, in our home, in our favorite apps, and more. This assistant will be able to communicate with not only you, but also friends, family and businesses.

An advanced personal AI depends on seamless bidirectional interactivity across apps.

In order to achieve a powerful personal AI, we have to change how our apps are built. All meaningful data that relates to a user should live in a decentralized server that is controlled by said user. This will provide a central database to train and supplement personal artificial intelligence. We're developing a pattern to make this an easy one-click solution: private databases as the source of truth, shared data models for a universal language, and an API for structured interaction between servers.

Depending on third-parties to create a personal AI is not feasible. Expecting us to find API keys is far-fetched. Relying on third-party APIs is unstable and risky. Organizations won't fix this: letting us have unfiltered access to our own information harms their business. Instead, every tool and company will develop their own AI for their own ecosystem, and none of them will talk to each other.

It's time to fix this. It's time to provide instant connectivity and personal power. It's time to provide everyone with their own virtual home.

It's time to make our lives programmable with ease.

- Mike Carbone

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